Thursday, May 14, 2020

Day 55: Review "The Last Kingom - Season 4" (TV series)

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Uthred, Son of Utrhred is stumbling through his fourth season on Netflix. I liked the first season, but each consecutive one less and less.

The series suffered starting with episode 1 from one key aspect: the main character. I do not think that Alexander Dreymon was an ideal cast. He is regularly outplayed by his supporting cast. He doesn't come even close to the performance of David Dawson as Alfred the Great, who carried a large part of the first seasons on his shoulders. But they got rid of that competition at the end of season 3. Nevertheless the failings were initially acceptable as the unusual perspective, a man torn between Saxons and Danes, and the unusual setup, England in the 9th century, were novel and offered a lot of entertainment.

But the plot wears thin. Every threatening great leader of the Danes that is subdued or killed is replaced in the next episode. There is intrigue at the court, every victory is followed by a setback, former friends become enemies or vice versa. The only positive aspect of season 4 is the addition of Stefanie Martini as Eadith. She manages to transport some complexity that is sorely missing.

Overall I do not think that there will be a season 5 for me. Perhaps I will invade England myself.

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