Monday, May 11, 2020

Day 52: The blessed curse of Amazon

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I've got an itchy trigger finger. That's good when playing shooter games, but bad for my shopping habits. I'm the man who buys faster than his shadow.

It is too easy for me to order things at Amazon. They know my address, they know how to separate me from my money in the most painless way. I'm so trained to shop at Amazon that I rarely look at other sites.

Whenever I someone throws me link to another shop I tend to copy the description and paste it into the Amazon search mask. If it is something impossible to get otherwise, I usually need five to ten minutes to get the cart or even the payment process working with uMatrix on.

Sometimes I think that is not that Amazon is making things so easy but they must have secret agents making other stores hard to use. Sometimes I just need to notice the shop software and feel myself not welcome.

OK, sometimes I get pass that stage and want to buy. Suddenly the shop turns nosy. It keeps asking and asking me questions and it feels like

And I just want to say:

Sometimes it really feels like the payment process was added as an afterthought and the coder really wanted to build the next Instagram. So whenever I try to spend less time on Amazon, something like this happens and I crawl back like a repentant sinner.

It feels like Amazon understands me. Unless I just bought a washing machine and Amazon goes like: "Hey, you just bought a washing machine, how about these two dozen models."

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