Saturday, May 9, 2020

Day 50: Half way

This article is part of The 100 Days Offensive. Go to Day 49 or Day 51.

Today marks half the way in The 100 Days Offensive. Time to summarize and review things.

The time passed much quicker than anticipated. Luckily I number the blog posts otherwise I would have missed the half-time.

With the start of the offensive I have set myself some goals. I would give me a fair-to-middling rating on those:
  • In terms of virtual rounds of Kaffeeklatsch, I managed exactly one event. I have to become better here and my upcoming birthday should provide an opportunity to start over.
  • The second goal I gave me was to create one blog post a day. It is hard to crank out one blog post per day. That is not due to the post itself but because of the energy drain and time sinks beside the blog. I had to cheat on a few days and I missed one post, but made up for it with two posts the next days. Nevertheless I would give an OK here.
  • I announced to use every mean and method I have at hands to stay connected to friends and family. There are some successes here. We have set up a weekly round of Midgard (a classic Pen&Paper RPG) and managed to hold six sessions. I created a Discord server and managed to lure some friends in. There is still nothing to be found in the board-game-over-ip section, but plans are in the making. Concerning this target I also have to mention that I am still short one or more guest posts.
  • Cooking and baking have been heavily intensified, though the documentation is lacking. I acquired a baking coach on the way and she is challenging me (which is good). No matter what else will happen, Corona has already improved my buns a lot: 
    Luckily the oven survived some mishap on the way. Also I would consider me falling short on the amount of documentation (photos, recipes) I promised.
  • I have set me an extra quest: to do more for my health. In this regard I had the sub-targets:

    1) Conduct the exercises for my joints - I'm lacking here and even more on the documentation.

    2) Spend enough time on the Stationary Bicycle for cardiac training - Here I succeeded and I managed to reach my "calories burned"-goal on 49 of 50 days.

    3) Keep an eye on my weight - I blew it here and gained 11 pounds since the start of the offensive. Though the exercise was there, the intake of sweets was too high and I need to drastically reduce that one.

    As this is the most critical of my stated goals, halfway OK does not cut it here. Especially the last item requires improvement.
One reported effect of Corona according to the press is the increase in Netflix usage and a boom for the Computer Game industry. Though I manage to view one series and played through one game, my media usage compared to before the pandemic has fallen (and this even though I have Disney+ now).

In total I'm not unhappy with what I achieved, but there is room for improvement. So forward, once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

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