Saturday, April 18, 2020

Day 29: Games being played

This article is part of The 100 Days Offensive. Got to Day 28 or Day 30.

I seem to be doing the Corona thing all wrong. I'm reading about people watching more Netflix and playing computer games. On the Netflix side I'm a complete looser at the moment. I've watched perhaps two episodes in the last four weeks, but I want continue with Uthred, son of Uthred next week. Gaming-wise I'm a bit better though I have less time and desire to play than before Corona. Spending so many business hours in my man-cave in the basement seems to spoil it a bit.

But I still manage to play some games:

  • In December I watched the Netflix series about The Witcher and that inspired me to re-install "The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt". I somehow went of the path in Novigrad, got drowned in side quests and put the game aside. Now I've hauled the Witcher's ass to the Skellige Isles and decided to finish the game. It is fun to get back into the story and at the same time I try to get myself to use a controller instead of keyboard and mouse.
  • Kris has spent so much time on talking about "Elite Dangerous" that I finally bought myself some proper joysticks and started cruising through the galaxy. Finally I acquired a halfway decent spaceship (Asp Explorer) and am now able to fly between bases without wrecking my ride.
  • The most hours on Steam during the last 12 months I have accumulated with "Total War: Warhammer II" and "Total War: Three Kingdoms". Turn based games with some action always work for me. The later of both games also got me reading more about Chinese history though the names of generals and leaders still get me confused. Warhammer II is a bit easier on that regard. It is much harder for me to confuse "Count Noctilus" with "Ungrim Ironfist" than let's say "Zhang Yan" with "Sun Jian".
  • There are some more turn based strategy games I play from time to time: "Panzer Corps 2", "Fantasy General 2" and "Iratus: Lord of the Dead". The last one is still in development but the most innovative one.
  • There is no series that I play as long as Civilization. The current installment "Civilization VI" still gets some hours as there is a good (bet extremely expensive) version for the iPad available.
  • I also intend to play a bit more from "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order" though I first to improve my controller skills with The Witcher (see above). This game is actively hostile on players using mouse and keyboard. It makes a good impression staging-wise, but I am still on the first planer as the combat still eludes me.
The long list of games perhaps makes the wrong impression on the time being spent on games. I can't find that statistics page, but my estimate is that I am at the lowest activity level for years, perhaps at 5-10 hours a week.

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