Monday, April 13, 2020

Day 24: Ruining the day

This article is part of The 100 Days Offensive. Got to Day 23 or Day 26.

Nothing ruins the day like baking plastic at 570° F.

I wanted to make fresh buns for the Easter morning. Unluckily I forgot that I left the plastic cover used for microwaving dishes (we have a combined microwave/classic oven) inside. I remember looking into the oven before starting it, but confronted with the results I doubt my memory.

The plastic started to melt on the baking stone:

If it had stopped there, the damage would have been minimal. But it dropped down onto the (much hotter) oven floor and started smoldering. The smoke alarm went off while I was in the bathtub. The kitchen was filled with blue smoke and it smelled like hell let loose.

The result on the oven floor looks unspectacular:

The stink in the kitchen is six hours later still horrendous. We have to see if we can save the oven. Spent the rest of the day between trying to clean up the mess and kicking myself.

Luckily a friend dropped by to pick up the remaining Lasagna. I would have hated to see it go to waste.

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