Thursday, April 9, 2020

Day 20: Holidays

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Thanks to the coming public holidays, I'm looking forward to four days of no (or just little) work.

Even in usual times, I would not travel far for just four days and I'm not of the lets-meet-the-family type. My 16-year-old-self would have been totally happy with the social distancing thing and being locked in with his computer. Though I improved over the last four decades, I still can go quite some time with my wife being the only person I'm meeting at a close distance.

I stumbled over an online role playing convention I'm going to attend. My plans include attending a workshop on drawing fantasy maps (which fits perfectly to Day 16) and a round of Online Midgard (from which I hope to get some tips for my own ones, see Day 9).

Furthermore I finally managed to acquire some fresh yeast. Unluckily the smallest packaging was about one pound of it. That gives me a perfect excuse for a baking spree. Currently I'm trying to improve on my pan-baked bread. Food-wise it will be a Lasagna (that would make Garfield happy) on Saturday and I'm still making plans for Monday (Lasagna usually lasts two days as usually end up with at least 6 pounds of it).

So I wish you happy holidays too and enjoy!

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