Monday, April 6, 2020

Day 17: Intermediate Review

This article is part of The 100 Days Offensive.

We are now 17 days into The 100 Days Offensive. After starting with such lofty goals, what have I achieved so far?

Primarily I managed to write a blog post for every day, if you count that stub for Day 7. No post started of a longer discussion or drew more than 50 readers. But neither readership nor interaction for the blog posts have been a priority for me.

The activity on the cooking and baking side has been satisfactory. I managed to beak bread and buns quite regularly and have eaten self-cooked food nearly every day. One day I was weak and ate pre-fabricated meal of "Königsberger Klopse".

Culinary highlights have been my Meatloaf with bacon wrapping

and the Tandoori Chicken with peaches on rice.

Both meals were appreciated by the core user group. But compared to my initial announcement, I have to concede the documentation is lagging behind.

I can claim a success concerning playing our Pen&Paper RPG online. We are through the first initial technical hiccups and are currently on a good way to play one short weekly round. Next week we will try out Roll20 to support a dungeon crawling. It would probably much easier if we were playing a mainstream system like AD&D, but making things work is part of the fun.

On the virtual Kaffeklatsch balance sheet we have one event. I need to turn this one up. I still don't manage to contact myself as much as I expect from myself. But there are 83 days left, so enough time to turn things around.

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