Friday, April 3, 2020

Day 14: Guest posts wanted

This article is part of The 100 Days Offensive.

The 100 Days Offensive is not intended to be a one man show. I sincerely invite my readers (should they exist) to jump in with guest posts.

You will not find me too choosy. Filling the blog with one article a day is work. Though I do not develop a novel per night, I sometimes struggle to find the content for the next day. Furthermore do I want to use the Offensive to connect to people. So please draw your pens, ready your keyboards and sharpen your wit.

The main requirement is that your post will be in English. That may not be your native tongue (nor is it mine), but I am more than willing to help you polish it. Concerning the topic a wide range would be OK: What is your view of the crisis? Are there aspects not covered in sufficient depth? What are things we need to take care of? How will we get through isolation and home office? Do you see methods to counteract the negative impact of social distancing? Do you have a short story that fits the topic?

Is there something I do not want as a guest post? You will find it hard making me accept your favorite conspiracy theory (unless it is funny or you have very compelling and concise arguments) or recriminations against groups of people.

When in doubt, just ask me at

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