Sunday, March 22, 2020

Day 2: Self-Maintenance (Part 1)

This article is part of The 100 Days Offensive.

Any offensive relies on the troops being in the shape for it. Especially during the coming weeks and months,  this will be a challenge. For one we are being more and more restricted in terms of movement and the psychological impact (at least on my side) has increased the intake of sweets.

I start the crisis with two preconditions. My knees are completely worn out and I am heavily overweight. Both problems are interconnected as the weight (and the attempts to reduce it) has put a heavy strain on my all joints. Especially my right knee is giving me troubles. If it were a horse, I would have to shoot it. Even though it is not a horse, I sometimes felt the urge to shoot it anyway.

Last year I made a huge push to reduce my weight. Some colleagues in my company had shown me, that it can be done. It is very motivating to see this with a person you know. Knowing something is possible can account for more than a quarter of the way. So I went on an OptiFast based diet and lost 35kg in four months and another 5kg in the following months when I was phasing out the diet.

I stopped my diet with the holiday season last year. I gained 4kg since then, but that is not a worry. Originally (in the pre-virus time) I planned for another push this spring. But I have decided to postpone the push as it is a too heavy strain on the organism.

So at this point, I have a lot of stress rolling my way (thanks Corona!), I will spend my days indoor for weeks or months and on top I will combat stress with sweets. Not a good combination.

Last year I started sessions of physiotherapy to improve my knee. I cannot give enough praise to the women from Bartsch & Benk. They did not get the knee back into mint shape (that is just impossible), but they managed to improve it a lot. I no longer want to shoot it.

My physiotherapist has lately gone through a special training to help people to improve their breathing. One thing that really shocked me, that she had to pay the training from her own money. Interesting was the information what can be achieved by physiotherapy for people who are suffering from breathing problems.

But I am afraid that my own sessions of physiotherapy may become a victim of the virus as well. Currently there are no recommendations to shut down physiotherapy, but that may change at a moments notice. It might also be restricted as physiotherapy is much more important for the vulnerable group.

In order to prepare for this time, I have received a number of exercises for my joints. Unluckily I am not the most disciplined person.

Another asset for the coming time is my Stationary Bicycle. I bought it last may for pushing down my weight.

I found that iPad, YouTube and a Stationary Bicycle make a good team.

So the intent for The 100 Days Offensive is to

- conduct the exercises for my joints,
- spend enough time on the Stationary Bicycle for cardiac training and
- keep an eye on my weight.

As already said: I am not the most disciplined person. So I decided to make my data public, so all of you can track me and call me out if I slack.

P.S. I added a "Part 1" to the title as I expect that topic to re-occur during the next 100 days.

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