Saturday, November 30, 2013

If you run out of authors

I know it is unlikely, but i have heard distant rumors about people running out of ideas what or whom to read in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre. Don't blame me, i am just a messenger. But, rejoice, as usual there is a solution on the Internet.

Just go to Gnooks, enter three authors you like and you get recommendations you may like too. In my case, already the first recommendation was head on and it was an author i read a lot from and i liked a lot. 

But it also offered further recommendations. It works best when you use not too dissimilar authors, like

You not only get one result, but the tool also offers a map of authors who are liked by the same people as the others close by.

Interestingly, some of the authors were already suggested to me by others based on my praise of others. The site also offers the same service for movies and music. At least for movies (about music i am not capable of judging) the service gives similarly credible recommendations.

The collection of known authors is far from complete. E.g. I missed Daniel Suarez when i was looking for my favorite Science Fiction writers.

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