Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Review: Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan

This is the first part of the Powder Mage Trilogy, the other parts are still unpublished. So, since i expect the average reader of my blog to like this book, better be prepared for some yearning. But don't be afraid, the next part will be out in February 2014 and two short stories are available to cope with the worst withdrawal symptoms.

The title "Powder Mages" seems a bit of a contradiction. Usually gun powder is anathema to magic. Though still a game changer, here the powder enables a new kind of disruptive magic. It is literally addictive and not well liked by the more conventional mages which have been the true power behind the throne till now.

But the times are changing... violently and heads are starting to roll. New players rise and with them their grudges. Some see opportunities while others just get caught in the events. The later spinning out of control rather quickly as change is not appreciated by everyone.

Put ill omens on top, bake it in fire and serve it with foreign powers and the recipe is complete and well tasting.

The author skilfully blends things together in this novel: revolution, detective work, classic magic, father&son, battles and much more. 

One of the most pleasant surprises is, how well the mix works. I had a hard time to put the book away for short breaks during the day i read it. Going through nearly 600 pages in a single day is a praise itself, even by my binge reading standards.

Finding this book took little effort since John Scalzi featured it in "The Big Idea" section of his blog some months back. He had me when mentioning Richard Sharpe.

You can find this book on Amazon.

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