Monday, October 7, 2013

About this blog

A few weeks back, i decided that i will write up some pieces about the books i read lately. At first i planned to put them on Google+. But i was not very happy about what i could do there in terms of formatting, overview or references to other reviews. So i decided to start this blog, but i am not sure if the setup is correct yet.

Do comments work? How do i get G+ comments included here? Still some way to go...

I will use the blog to happily provide my point of view on books, games, movies, some gadgets and the occasional other stuff. Criticism of my criticism is welcome.

Don't expect the blog to be real-time and show reviews when or before a book is officially released. I'll do the thing (reading, blogging) when i feel like it. Be aware that a lot of my binge reading actually happens on vacation or during long travels.

Some may wonder why i write in English. As a native German living and working in Germany, this is not the intuitive choice.
  •  About 99% of the books i read are originally written in English. Translation is usually something, a book does not profit from. Then there is the aspect of time. When i read books, most are not yet translated (which caused the switch when i was hooked up on David Webers Harrington series) and some may never will. So if i read them in English, i should criticize them in that language as well. 
  • Also a significant part of my circles on Google+ are non-Germans and English is the current lingua franca
  • And not the least, just because i want to. It find it quite some challenge. While a significant portion of my conversations on the job are in English, i rarely write more than a few lines there.
P.S. I will update this blog article regularly. While other entries will mostly receive corrections only, this one will be extended over time.

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